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LiveTV & Sports Multi Add-on! 1000s of Channels and dozens LiveTV Lists – AMERIKANOTUGA has it all!

The guys from SecretVIP did it again and created AmerikanoTuga a Multi Live TV and Sports Add-on with several Live TV and Sports Add-ons in one, aside from that you also find Movies & TV Shows, but thats not the focus of this Add-on. Due to my House move and now running this addon a […]

KODI NO LIMITS MAGIC! – Super complete Kodi 17 Build! – Extensive Review/Walkthrough/Installation!

PHOENIX – The Grandfather of KODI Multi Add-ons – Lets take a look at it! – Review & Installation!

Phoenix, if you ever used one of my Builds, as you can tell one of my all time favorites. I see Phoenix as the Grandfather of KODI Multi Add-ons. While a lot has changed for the Grandfather of Kodi and Phoenix has undergone some changes including TNPB and Vallhalla not anymore in there, but with […]

One242415 – Popular Phoenix Playlister – back with own Kodi Playlist Add-on!! – Review / Install