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ACT NOW! Before your Internet Privacy is gone & your Surf History sold! Res. 34 passed US Senate!!

While VPN is always good to protect your self from what ever you do in the Internet, not only if you use Kodi or other online streaming. But now as Resolution 34 has passed the US Senate and if you an US Citizen its time to act and protect your self with a VPN. In […]

YOUR KODI AT RISK? – TV Addon Domains controlled by Law Firm!! – What risk is really involved!

VPN ? SMART DNS? PROXY? – This is what you really need for KODI and to stay safe! – Tips & Tricks

So what you need to stay in Kodi safe or in your daily Internet usage ? Smart DNS ? Proxy ? VPN ? – In this video we talk about the differences and what is better for geo unblocking, anonymity in the internet and of course for Kodi. This is not a “Best VPN” Video, […]

KODI NO LIMITS MAGIC! – Super complete Kodi 17 Build! – Extensive Review/Walkthrough/Installation!