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Exodus – Covenant – Poseidon Roundup!! All working great!! Which is your favorite ? – Installguide

All 3 are bascially nearly the same, the good old Exodus now easier available again, Covenant the “official” successor of Exodus and Poseidon a great Fork of Exodus – choose your favorite 🙂 Best with Real Debrid of course: WHERE TO GET IT: https://goo.gl/Ewg8wR Exodus: http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff/ Covenant: http://mediarepos.net/tco Poseidon: http://soullessbuilds.000webhostapp.com/repo/ ***** BEST VPNs FOR KODI […]

3x Exodus Comparison! – Which one performs the best? – Will Exodus, Covenant or Poseidon be it ?