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BEST KODI FORKS ? – FTMC | SPMC | EBMC | FIREMC | MyGicaMC! – Where to get it!

There are many Forks for Kodi out there and while most of them are quite good, these are the best ones and you can download it from 1 source to make it easier on your Device and I show you which Fork is for what the best! WHERE TO GET IT? http://skymashi.eu/dl/apk/ Original Sources: FTMC: […]

EMBRATORIA G7! – AMAZING (BeIN) SPORTS APK! – Excellent Quality Streams – No intrusive Ads!

KODI 17 for ANDROID 4.4!! – Extend the Life of your Android Box! – No more Kodi16 Issues! – Tutorial

This is great News, thanks to MyGica and Ebox, there is now a Kodi 17 APK available which runs on Android 4.4!! No more Kodi 16 SSL Problems, enjoy the new Functions of Kodi 17 on your old Android 4.4 TV / Android Box and prolong their Life a bit further! WHERE TO GET IT: […]

Awesome Netflix Style – iStream/Duckpool! Autoplay next Episodes & Kodi Library Integration!