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POSEIDON! – Great Exodus Fork for Movies & TV Shows! – Works amazingly well! – Review & Install!

We all know that Exodus had so its trouble lately and while still some have working setups with it, this Fork made by Soulless works great and if not much better then Exodus currently! WHERE TO GET IT: Repo: http://soullessbuilds.000webhostapp.com/repo/ Real Debrid: https://goo.gl/Ewg8wR Dev Contact: https://twitter.com/soulless_builds Soulless YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8IdNL6nD0UVJ82RzfMwjWQ ***** BEST VPNs FOR KODI – […]

One242415 – Popular Phoenix Playlister – back with own Kodi Playlist Add-on!! – Review / Install

APK! AD-FREE! MOVIES & TVSHOWS!! – What you want more ? – Lets check out OneBox HD!

Great little APK made ad-free by ries and provides you with plenty of Movies and TV Shows and is a good alternative to other APK´s or Kodi. OneBox HD brings you Streams up to 1080p with a very reliable rate. WHERE TO GET IT? Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/57clpj497w0isjl/OneBoxHD.apk ***** BEST VPNs FOR KODI – STAY SAFE ***** […]

Anime Droid APK AD-FREE!! – Check out this Anime APK with tons of Anime´s!! complete ad-free! Review

FREE 160 TOP PREMIUM IPTV Channels for KODI – Grab it while its HOT! – FULL HD IPTV – Tutorial!

In this video i show you how to get 160 of the most popular IPTV Channels incl. Sports and in Top Quality for free and how to use it in Kodi! IPTV User and Password are in the Video, so make sure you don´t miss it! As also mentioned in the Video, no one knows […]

KODI NO LIMITS MAGIC! – Super complete Kodi 17 Build! – Extensive Review/Walkthrough/Installation!

Watch ANY Movie & TV Show on Kodi in Netflix Style | No Build needed! | Tutorial & Installation

Last time i showed you how to get thousends of Movies and TV Shows without the need of an Add-on or Kodi Build. Now we step up the game a bit and make it look similar to Netflix as far as possible. The Tutorial is done in Kodi 17 but works exactly the same in […]

Speed-up & Supercharge your SPECTO! – Some simple Steps to make it much faster!

This will change KODI totally for you!! – Any Movies & TV Shows – No Builds or Add-ons necessary!!

This is a “new” ( not really though 😀 ) way how to watch Movies and TV Shows on Kodi, without having them stored locally on your hard drive and without the need of installing any Kodi Build or 3rd Party Add-on! Perfect if you have an IPTV Subscription to have Movies and Shows without […]

KODI NO LIMITS MAGIC! – Super complete Kodi 17 Build! – Extensive Review/Walkthrough/Installation!