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The last days been a bit bumpy with so many addons not reachable, here all the new repositories and where you get every add-on. UK Turk´s: http://addoncloud.org/ukturk/install/ Noobs and Nerds ( Bob, Elysium, MetalliQ ): http://noobsandnerds.com/portal/ http://nan.aftermathwizard.net/nanrepo/ Exodus, 1Channel, Salts, Sportsdevil..( Smash Repo ): http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff/ iStream ( Mucky Ducks Repo ): http://muckys.mediaportal4kodi.ml/ Stream Army, Real […]

One242415 – Popular Phoenix Playlister – back with own Kodi Playlist Add-on!! – Review / Install

LOOKING FOR NOOBS AND NERDS REPO? – Elysium, MetalliQ, BoB, Community Portal, TV Portal ?

During the Drama around Kodi last week, also Noobs and Nerds experienced some heavy Issues with their Servers and their Repo is now on a temporary location, but might even come back bevor this video is up, so try both locations! All info how to install the much loved addons such as Elysium, Bob, MetalliQ, […]

YOUR KODI AT RISK? – TV Addon Domains controlled by Law Firm!! – What risk is really involved!

BOB unrestricted – KODI Multi Add-on – Is it really unrestricted ? – Review & Installation

BoB unrestricted, one of the very well made Kodi Playlister and Multi Add-ons for Kodi 17 and Kodi 16 and in this Video we take a look at it. How good is it? With very well known Playlisters in it and the addition from Valhalla and TNPB from Phoenix now in BoB unrestricted, makes it […]

One242415 – Popular Phoenix Playlister – back with own Kodi Playlist Add-on!! – Review / Install

PERFECT & COMPLETE KODI SETUP – This 5 Add-ons is all you need! – Tutorial & Installation

Lets take a look how to do a complete Kodi with only 5 Add-ons, yes its possible and it covers most complete content. This Video is not about top 5 Kodi add-ons or similar, it rather shows that you can with just 5 Add-ons carefully selected do a complete Kodi Setup for Kodi 16 or […]

SkymashiTV H2O 2.0 for Kodi 17 – Teaser – soon in our Wizard!