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Install Covenant & 100s of other Kodi Add-ons! – easy install!

Since Colossus Repo and many others are down, Add-ons like Covenant, Bennu, Real Movies and many others are hard to come buy. This Repo has most of then and 100´s more and is quite up2date. #Coventant + 100s of addons http://kdil.co/repo/ ***** BECOME A PATRON TODAY FOR EXCLUSIVE REWARDS ***** SkymashiTV Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/SkymashiTV ***** […]

KODI NO LIMITS MAGIC! – Super complete Kodi 17 Build! – Extensive Review/Walkthrough/Installation!

PERFECT & COMPLETE KODI SETUP – This 5 Add-ons is all you need! – Tutorial & Installation

Lets take a look how to do a complete Kodi with only 5 Add-ons, yes its possible and it covers most complete content. This Video is not about top 5 Kodi add-ons or similar, it rather shows that you can with just 5 Add-ons carefully selected do a complete Kodi Setup for Kodi 16 or […]

SkymashiTV H2O 2.0 for Kodi 17 – Teaser – soon in our Wizard!