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HowTo Backup your Facebook Group Members – Backup them in case something happens to your Group!!


Most of us backup there Data regularly, but do you backup your Group members from your Facebook Group ? No ? What you do if your Group gets closed ?

Well the answer you find in the Video, how to simply export and backup them and if something happens to your Facebook Group, you will be able to add them 🙂

***** Additional Description and Links you need *****

1. Log in to your verified Facebook account.

2. Go “Graph API Explorer”: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer

3. Click on get Access button

4. Then check the “user_managed_groups” permition and click on “Get Access Token”

5. Under the Graph API enter “me/groups” and click on “submit”, all the groups you are member off, will appear

6. You got now your “access token” “and your “group id”, just place them in this link:

7. Open this Website:http://www.json-xls.com/json2xls for the conversion as shown in the Video.

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